Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Remembering CC by Alice of Singapore

It pained me to write this message and I wish I never had to write this message.

Our sweet and dearest CC of Suestreehouse had passed away peacefully on 5th September 2010. She is the best and she never failed to share her favourite and treasured patterns with anyone who visited this blog and her own personal blog.

Even though we never met, we chatted daily online and only recently she is too tired to chat online daily. It is although CC is living next door to me. We shared many nice memories and secrets and she loved to make me laugh with her funny jokes. She is my inspiration and taught me many things about sewing and stories about vintage books of sewing, crochet, etc. There are so many nice things about CC, I could write thousand of lines. But I am sure anyone who visited this blog will already know of the good things and stuff that CC was and shared.

Suestreehouse will never be the same. Dosew and myself cannot continued dancing in treehouse anymore without CC. She will be sadly missed and we will missed her joyous laughter and jokes. There will be an empty seat in treehouse during teatime.

I am like a lost sheep without CC there to guide me. CC, although you have taken the early bus, your memories live on in your personal blog and in Suestreehouse through your works and your precious treasures which you shared with all. I love you and missed you so terribly, CC.


MESSAGE FROM CC's Son (Chuck) and long time boyfriend (Viking)

Cici has been in and out of the hospital for multiple ailments the last few months. She was a very tough lady and fought till the end, but we lost her on Sunday, Sept. 5, 2010 at 7:07pm from respiratory failure. She was on DNR, so no actions were taken to put her on life support as she wouldn't want that. She always talked about the ladies she shared patterns and ideas with here and was very proud of her blog and very proud of all of her friends here. I just wanted to thank each and every one of you that helped make my mom's life even fuller.

thank you all so very much,

Viking and Chuck


Sadly missed by Alice of Singapore

Friday, July 30, 2010

Pearl Necklace using tiger tail wire

I made a matching pearl necklace with crystal beads to match my memory wire bracelet which I made in an earlier post.

I used only one strand of tiger tail wire for the necklace.

You can view my earlier post on how to make the necklace using tiger tail in here.


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Friday, July 23, 2010

Batik Bag

Just to share something very cute that I bought from Indonesia. These bags are made from batiks and they can be folded into rectangles.

Batik is a type of cloth that traditionally uses a manual wax-resist dyeing technique. They can be found in Indonesia , Malaysia and Singapore.

Once you removed the straps of the rectangles, they opened into a bag.

I am sure many of you can figure out how to sew similar bags like these.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A note from Suestreehouse

To our visitors,

Thank you so much for showing much concern for our blog.

Regarding some questions as to whether has link us correctly or not.

I hope to clarify that we have no objections to anyone linking our blog to theirs but do it the correct way. We like to thank you to those who link us the correct way and our visitors for showing great interests in our blog and especially thank you to our sweet CC for kindly sharing all her patterns and works.

Friendstitch's Blog wasn't like this before we discovered it. I have taken print shot of what they did earlier. They covered our blog header photo and blog name (same for the other blogs that they linked). So that each time, someone click on the link, it opened with their blog name above our post but without our header photo and blog name. They made it like the page belongs to them. I still keep the printshot as evidence.

But I guess when we threatened to take legal action, they have since removed some kind of block/unblock button where now the header photo and blog name is shown. We have no reason to be angry with them if they link us the correct way.

We dont mind anyone link us but dont block our header photo and blog name.

We are fine and will be back to blogging soon.

As to those who requested for patterns from CC, I am sorry that you have to wait a little longer as our sweet CC is in hospital but she is fine and will be out soon.

Thank you once again for visiting our blog.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Whole Pages of Our Blog Was Taken Without Permission

Hello to the administrators of the friendstitch.over-blog, Viviane and Rolande. Please allow me to introduce myself, I am of the three administrators of
It has recently come to my attention that several pages of our blog are being used on your site. While we have no problem with your using a pattern for your own personal use,and we truly enjoy those that do use our patterns, we only ask that you link back to us. This link just below will take you to the pages being used without permission..
We hereby ask and demand that you remove all these pages from your blog. They are being used without permission, as a matter of didn't have the curtosy to ask to use them.We ask for their immediate removal and if they're not removed,I shall find someone to see if we might invoke some type of restraint or infringement of copyright laws.
I have informed the other administrators of what I have found..namely the taking of whole pages of our treehouse blog. Again,I ask that you remove the pages immediately...had you asked permission to use the whole pages, perhaps I would not be so angry...
I can be reached at the above email address... or you can leave a comment on the treehouse blog. CC
P.S. It might be of interest to a few to know,that our blog is not the only one being stolen and used. There are many others. Instead of linking to a site or a page..they steal the entire page, and in our case they have stolen quite a few.
* The text in this post is my work product and is not to be copied,reproduced and or used in any manner without permission.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Memory Wire Bracelet

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Today, I went to the crafts shop to get some beads. Wanted to buy a roll of memory wire but I saw these already cut out memory wire for bracelets. So I just purchased one packet which had a dozen in it and costs only S$2.

As soon as I reach home, I excitely thread some beads and crystals into the memory wire bracelet. One end of the wire is already closed so the beads wont fall out.

I put one crystal bead, one small bead,one crystal bead, one big pearl,one crystal bead, one small bead and followed by another crystal bead. Then I repeated the whole process till I reached almost to the end of the memory wire braclet. Then I used my plier to close the end of the wire by making a loop so that the beads wont fall out.

I placed a black velvet cloth over my hand so that the beads can be seen clearly.Add Image

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Embroidery Stitches Better View

For an even better view of the on the picture to enlarge the stitches. This has to be the best one I've gotten yet..

Country Kitchen, Redwork, Blackwork..Hand Embroidery

Patterns and articles in here are for personal use and enjoyment and not to be sold, used or reproduce on any website/any manners without the permission of

I don't know if anyone can use this for Redwork, Blackwork..or regular embroidery.
.is it too busy?? I'm sorry it's a bit crooked..not quite sure why I would not have done this over..:(, alas, this is the only one I have. If someone can use it, or will use it..then it makes me very happy.I need to get back to my handwork........if I can ever ger over,finished and done with a fractured pelvis and the rippling effects it has left, maybe I can concentrate a bit more. Meanwhile, I'm having ever so much fun, going through boxes of patterns....and posting them for all of us to share and use.
Thank you all for your visits..your good wishes emails and your sweet comments. We all appreciate them..and our followers are growing daily. If I was able..I would happy dance. It's my heart, I'm happy dancing..and ever so happy that we have such sweet followers. Thank you all..and lots of hugs...CC

Monday, June 28, 2010

An American Sampler .... A 1995 Quilt Pattern Calendar

 This All American Sampler is in actuality a 1995 Quilt Pattern Calendar.When I found the calendar I had no idea what I was going to do with it,and still don't.
But I know there might be quilters out there that might like it, so I bought it.
and now it needs a home.So..if you're a quilter,or want to try your hand..I'm giving it away. In the back is a page of General Instructions, a Stitch Glossary,
Applique Instructions,.......and then begins the list of quilt patterns and their names...They are as follows:
January pattern is Spools
February pattern is Mosaic Jewels
March pattern is Tea Time
April pattern is Delft Tulips
May pattern is Country Lambs
June pattern is Nursery Nine Patch
July pattern is Star Spangled Chevrons
August pattern is Bucking Bronco
September pattern is Garden Glory
October pattern is Blackbird Village
November pattern is Victorian Strings
December pattern is Homestead Holiday
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I think my two favorites are Tea Time and Victorian Strings... I love those two, but I know I'll never make I want to pass it along to someone that will.
All you have to to is leave a comment from now till next Monday. Tuesday I will get my husband to draw a name...and post the winner. Each and ever comment will count as one chance and if you choose to follow or already a follower, just let me know and that's another two chances. I will also include a tiny surprise..maybe two. :)
hmmmmm, what can I add to the package???? hmmmmmm
I'm also gonna post this on the site I share with Do and Alice, that's and yes, the Sue part of the name is for our girl Sunbonnet Sue.. hehehehe..we all love that sweet girl and her cute outfits...
 I will give them a chance to play along as well...
Hugs to everyone...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beads Necklace using Tiger Tail Wires

I always love purple and today I decided to make a necklace using tiger tail wire with some purple beads.

Measure the tiger tail wire round your neck to get the length you want and cut it. As I am making two strands of wire, I double the length round my neck.

I fold the wire into half and seep the folded wire into a crimp bead (use a plier to squeeze the crimp bead) and then I seep them into a clam shell (any designs). Closed tight the clam shell.

Clam shell, jump ring, clasp.

I then joined the clam shell (with the tiger tail hooked to it), jump ring and clasp.

I then use both the wires to string into one seed bead, then I use one part of the wire to string three purple beads and the other wire I string one white bead. Then I used both the wires to string another seed bead.

Repeat the same pattern till almost to the end of the wires.

To finish off the necklace, I string both wires into the clam shell and the crimp bead (use the plier to squeeze tight the crimp bead). Then I joined the end of the crimp cover to another jump ring.

Next I tried to loop the excess tiger tail wire back into the crimp cover and hide the excess into other beads. Cut any loose end of the wire.

The final product and a very satisifed me. :) I hope the above instructions are very clear to you all.
Please do not use or reproduce any of the photos without the permission of

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Beth Found the Plate Pattern

There are so many wonderful bloggers out there and I feel so blessed when anyone comes to visit and leaves a comment or emails me. It's such great fun to meet and visit with new visitors...and to check on the places I follow to see what everyone has been up to.

Well, as luck would have it, Beth saw the pictures of the plates.........and she went searching as well. Annnddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!! She found what I couldn't. As I said, I had searched and searched,with no luck..and then a great detective came to the rescue.

Hugggggs Beth..if I could happy dance with no pain,I could..but I'll have to save the happy dance for awhile.

The pattern is called Renaissance Brown by English Ironstone. The description is as follows.."Brown border,flowers,birds and scenes".Searching is a bit difficult, because there are other Renaissance patterns out there,by different makers, different companies. I'll keep looking about to see if I can find a price on them and anything else that I can find. But the thing is, I love matter how expensive or inexpensive they are. I just love the brown and the pattern and will be on the lookout for more. Who knows...maybe someday..I'll find some pink transferware. That's I think my favorite,,,ummmmmmm,

well maybe the brown is my favorite.

So again..thank you Beth..I so appreciate your searching and find.. That was ever so sweet of you.........

Beth is about to start a new project..and will post pictures before she starts. Go check out her sweet blog at Bellesangeauscrafts. I just know you will like her pretty place..

Monday, June 14, 2010

Brown Transfer Ware????? England, English, Ironstone Markings

I'm just now getting round to taking pictures of finds from 3 thrift shopping trips ago. These dishes are quickly helping me to sigh,sob and quit looking. However..not being a quitter..I'm just getting a bit tightly strung....
The only markings stamped down into the back are : England Ironstone English
No other markings that I can see.
It was a good thrifting trip when I found these six little plates that I'm calling Brown Transferware. I loved these sweet little plates, and looked all over for more,
I like ironstone and I like this sweet pattern. There was no more of it to be found,
but all was not lost. I found a baby or mini cloche and a glass cheese dome that can be used as a cloche with a gorgeous plate; two Pyrex bowls, one tiny green casserole and one that has most of the gold color almost removed,. I will show those and the rest of the treasures I found that day.
I surely would appreciate if anyone has a clue about this pattern. Is it transfer ware? I like it,whether it is or not..I would just like to know.
By the way.. I paid 50 cents for each little plate. Now to find more..

Monday, June 7, 2010

Pfaltzgraff Butter Dish.......Does Anyone Know the Name of the Pattern

I have a mystery pattern least a mystery to me. The maker of this sweet butter dish is on the back.. but there is no name or number. I have spent most of the morning searching.. and have come across two maybes. One is Aura Pink, the other is Juniper. The colors on those two patterns,(the ones I've found) seem kinda faded in color....the colors on mine are vivid and fresh..and yet the pictures I just took,..I don't think they show the colors well.
The top of the butter dish I a cream color with a banding of a dark yellowish/greenish mix going into a narrow band of brown..and the patterns carries over on the inside. The bottom has a band of blue. The colors sound a bit strange..
but somehow they work together. The bottom of the butter dish is marked with their
mark in a circle and a copyright circle to the right..under that is Pfaltzgraff
Copyright USA . That's all there number anywhere...
Sooooo, for all you collectors and thrifters out there, do you know what this pattern is??? I would love to know. I paid $1.50 for it, did I do good or bad? I kinda like it, I may keep and use it for myself..

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Trying To Re-Do Labels

 I was left a most interesting comment by Kris of Freebies for Crafters....with a really great suggestion. Why I had not thought of it,I don't know.Her suggestion was that...on the labels of the embroidery patterns, I add what it in : birds,owls,flowers...etc. Si, I'm going back through..and re-labeling the embroidery patterns. It may take awhile..*sighs and hits self gently in head for not having done this in the beginning.
Hugs to all the stitchers out there.... CC