Sunday, December 2, 2007

Doll for the Bed {from Beau }

**** Pattern from Beau
Doll for the Bed (formerly called the Milk Filter Doll)
Materials needed: 50 J&J dress a doll disks or Rapid Flo Disks
( - now sells these disks)
(1) 8 inch doll
white thread (or color of disk)
small amount colored yarn
large eye darning needle
opt. ribbon, sequins, beads, flowers.

Cut one disk into 3 strips,.. 2 strips -3/4" width and one 2" width.,wrap the large strip around the doll for a blouse and stitch together at the back with white darning thread.
The two smaller strips are criss-crossed over the doll's shoulders and attached to the larger strip.
Cut a waistband 1 inch width from center of disk and fold it in halflengthwise to make a double thickness. ( Bias tape may be used instead ) .
Fold 24 disks into quarters and stitch each disk to the waistbandspacing evenly-, allow 1/2 inch. overlap at the end of strip.
Continue until all 24 disks have been attached to the waistband.
Wrap the waistband tightly around the waist of the doll, stitching the ends together and on to the bottom of the doll's blouse.
Turn the doll upside-down and stitch inside corners of folded disks together, (catch one inside corner of each running thread through) with white thread, drawing them securely around the doll's legs.
With a large eyed needle and colored yarn attach a whole disk to the outer folds of each disk in upper part of skirt.
Pull the yarn through and tie a bow. (fold in half and attach at the top of fold)
After all 24 disks have been attached, fold each one in half and tie a bow in the center of folded disk with yarn.
Attach each disk to the other in two place, (about halfway of the pleat that has formed) again tying a bow.
Continue until all are attached. This will complete the skirt.
A sash of ribbon or yarn, straight or braided, may be placed around the doll's waist.
A hat can be added but cutting off 1 inch around a disk and cutting a hole in the center approx. 1 1/2 inch in diameter.
Make a running stitch about 1/2 inch from the hole in the center of the hat and draw the colored yarn through until it fits the doll's head.
Make bow of yarn of ribbon and attach to hat. Edge may be decorated with buttonhole or blanket stitch.
A ribbon or bow may be placed at the doll's neck or you may decorate to your own taste with sequins, beads, flowers or costume jewelry.

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